ScanQuest helps both ophthalmologists and optometrists to access the latest instruments available in their field. We accomplish this through equipment sales and through our rental services. There are times when a Doctor would prefer NOT to purchase an instrument; space limitations, access to trained technicians and of course the cost of capital acquisition are all factors that can delay or prevent a purchase. Through our rental services, ScanQuest provides a number of equipment and instruments that can be used on a rental basis. We also provide the opportunity for the Doctor to purchase  the equipment when they are ready..

We provide both equpment and a technician with all the equipment that we provide on a per patient basis: OCT, Fundus Camera, SLT Laser, Yag laser and Green (Argon) laser.
We also sell a number of products that have a strong reputation for quality and durability: Optovue, Zeiss, Icare, EyeXpress and IFA Electronic Medical Records Software.
ScanQuest Ophthalmic Services

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