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ICare Tonometers

  • Capable of measuring sitting or supine

  • No anesthetic drops

  • Suitable for all patients

  • Consistant and accurate readings

  • Improved probe control

  • No calibration

  • Ability to measure over soft contacts

Ic200 Pic with child.jpg

iCare IC200 is the most versatile tonometer in iCare’s product portfolio. This flagship device is designed for professional use in the clinic as well as in eye surgery and emergency rooms. With 200 degrees of positional freedom, it can measure intraocular pressure (IOP) whether the patient is standing, sitting, elevated or in a supine position.


Introducing the MGrx

MGRX Photo.jpg

Thermal Debridement

  • Removes biofilm to improve Posterior Blepharitis and decaps Meibomian glands

Thermal Debridment.jpg

Thermal Massage

  • Utilizes heat and massage to liquify meibum enabling expression

Thermal Expression

  • Utilizes heat and controlled pressure to easily express liquified meibum

thermal Message.jpg
Thermal Expression.jpg

Skye Biologics

VisiDisc advantages vs other dry AMT

·HydraTek Process is proprietary to the way Skye Biologics processes tissue. The HydraTek Process involves air drying (not heat), which allows the tissue to retain the same growth factors you would find in natural placental tissue while maintaining the collagen matrix. 

·Dual stromal sides allow for no orientation restrictions.

VisiDisc Advantages

·Sizes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm (Most common: 10mm & 12mm versions)

·Multi-Directional, can be applied in either direction, with no orientation restrictions

·Dual stromal sides allow the application within a BCL simplifying the process of application

·5-year shelf life/ NO refrigeration needed

·Comfort vs cryopreserved AMT version

Amniotic membrane in office Costs and Reimbursement

·Cost: $300 each

·CPT Code 65778

·Zero-day global period

·Medicare reimbursement is between $1500 and $1650, depending on locality

visidisk Image.png
visidisk Image 2.png
ScanQuest Ophthalmic Services

ScanQuest helps both ophthalmologists and optometrists to access the latest instruments available in their field. We accomplish this through equipment sales and through our rental services. There are times when a Doctor would prefer NOT to purchase an instrument; space limitations, access to trained technicians and of course the cost of capital acquisition are all factors that can delay or prevent a purchase. Through our rental services, ScanQuest provides a number of equipment and instruments that can be used on a rental basis. We also provide the opportunity for the Doctor to purchase the equipment when they are ready..

We provide both equipment and a technician with all the equipment that we provide on a per patient basis: OCT, Fundus Camera, SLT Laser, Yag Laser and Avedro Corneal Cross Linking.
We also sell a number of products that have a strong reputation for quality and efficiency: ICare Tonometers, OcuSci and Skye Biologics (Amniotic Tissue).
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