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Whether you're just starting a practice, getting close to retirement, have limited space or technicians, sometimes renting diagnostic equipment with a technician makes more sense that purchasing. ScanQuest offers mobile services delivered right to your office. We offer a variety of diagnostic equipment and lasers (with a technician) on a per patient charge.

Why Rent?
  • No purchase or lease.  Keep your capital in your practice.
  • No contracts. Flexible scheduling
  • Technician included with rental.
Our Services:
OCT Scanning
Fundus Imaging
Fundus Imaging
Using our services is as simple as 1,2,3....
1. Call to reserve a date.
2. Begin Scheduling patients.
3. ScanQuest arrives with a technician to scan patients or set up        lasers/Cross linking system for the Doctor.
Laser Rental
SLT, Yag and Green (Argon)
Avedro Cross Linking
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